Notes From Across The Sea


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"...a feast for the musical gourmet!" ~ Gordon Bok

What's included: 

  • Twist The Devil's Tail
  • Lament for Andrea 
  • Fire Up the Kiln
  • Merlin's Forest
  • Winter's Blanket
  • The Deepening
  • Hanko Panko

  • Connie's Garden/Martin & the Fox
  • Les Souvenirs et Les Regrets
  • Hear My Heart
  • Mother to Son
  • A Love Song For My Sailor
  • Gypsy's Bow


So Goes My Heart


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First released by Folk Legacy in 1985, this long-cherished album of Ann Mayo Muir finds its way back into our hearts again on CD. Gordon says, "The Patons chose the title from one of Ann's own songs, and considering that we've never heard this lady sing a note that bypassed her heart, we agree that it's entirely fitting."

What's included:
  • Faraway Tom
  • The Lady Mary Sails
  • Oh, Hush Ye Now
  • Little Goat
  • Highland Widow's Lament
  • Know Me By No Other Name
  • Stranger to the Land
  • Old Blue Suit
  • The Dark North Sea
  • Bantry Girl's Lament
  • Cousin Emmy's Blues
  • Geordie
  • Love It Like a Fool



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The Music of Ann Mayo Muir


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A Folk Legacy compilation that includes a fine selection of songs from Ann's many recordings with Ed Trickett and Gordon Bok, plus one with her daughter's trio, HOT SOUP! from their CD, "Soup Happens".

What's included:


  • I Knew This Place 
  • Snow Gull
  • The Bergen
  • Isle au Haut Lullaby
  • Hush Ye, My Bairnie/Buckeye Jim
  • Tails and Trotters
  • Bird Rock

  • Julian of Norwich
  • Fear a Bhata
  • Tree of Life
  • O-E-Dallay
  • Two Fine Friends (with Hot Soup!)
  • Stephen Foster Song 
  • Little Dan
  • The Ways of Man