From the recording Broken Umbrella

This really happened with a dear Italian couple that became our friends.
pastel by Melody Allen


Broken Umbrella

I'll always remember the friendship that came 
Thanks to that broken umbrella
And a couple walking alone in the rain
A beautiful girl with her fella
Up behind, on his bicycle gliding came 
Claude, who noticed the girl getting wet
He said, "Take more care of your lovely friend there
Dripping with water she'll surely regret."
It must have seemed odd to be told by a stranger
How to look after the girl he adored
But he moved it over to cover her better.
And it was our home they were heading toward
A cup of tea would be just what they needed,
Inviting them in, they entered the tower.
With a bright fire roaring, soon hot tea was pouring, 
The spell of sweet friendship was gathering power
A second ago they were strangers
You know for a lifetime ahead they'll be friends
If you're fully in it, it takes just a minute
To welcome the gift life sends