1. A Kiss To Keep

From the recording A Kiss To Keep

This was written for Ken Damkier who inspired this song by often saying to me, "Everything will work out right." Ken, who lives in  Denmark, insisted that I sing it while he added an inspiring slide guitar that makes me think of starlight. He invited John Howarth to add some of his special talent to the song  and a year later three of the musicians from the fabulous group, Ensemble Galilei, added their magic to the arrangement. This was my first collaboration on one of my songs. I feel pretty lucky having two such great online musician friends giving me a hand to rock the cradle. The addition of Sue Richard's harp, Hanneke Cassels's fiddle and Carolyn Anderson Surrick's viola da gamba took my pleasure meter way over the top.
Maura Losavio's Moon


A KISS TO KEEP          © 2008 Ann Mayo Muir Music, BMI Sleep tight, everything will work out right. Let go anything that brings you low. Don't fear, love is all around it's seemsAnd I'm here, fill your head with happy dreams. There're sunbeams dancing in your eyes tonight. Your soft song makes the world feel alright. Let's go dance upon those moonbeams there We can make believe we're Fred Astaire. Then why not fly up towards the moon, you know Like Wendy and Peter Pan did long ago In stories many of us loved I'll bet. Like children, playing games we can't forget. We've counted all the stars above our head. Sandman's coming if you're in your bed. Say prayers, here's my kiss for you to keep. Time's come now for you to go to sleep. Sleep tight, everything will be alright. Angels are watching over you tonight. Don't fear, love is all around us here. I'll stay till the dreams have come your way. I'll Stay......Zzzzzzzzzz :-)