From the recording Prince Of Softness

Ken Damkier plays the wonderful guitar lead here and produced this single!
photo by Christina Muir


Prince Of Softness

You'll have to remember I'm out there
You'll have to remember and take care
It's cold as the night time starts falling
Listen so you'll hear me calling
I'll make no sound as my foot falls
I'll follow the path where the bird calls
This gray coat of mine will blend with the night
I'll always keep well out of sight
This night I'm planning to kill
I'll crouch in the hedge past the hill
It will give me a great satisfaction
I'm ready to go into action
When I come back, spread your arms wide
I'll be cold so wrap me up inside
I'll be wanting and needing your touch
Be careful, don't give me too much
Now let me rest in your chair
While the warmth of you still lingers there
Our good times together have had me beguiled
Always remember my nature is wild
One day you'll find I have gone away
Know then I'll be well and return one day
I'm the Prince of Softness who always survives
I'm the cat, don’t forget, born with nine lives