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Ann Mayo Muir: News

Ann & Chistina invited as special guests to the 2011 FSGW Getaway! - October 3, 2011

We had a wonderful time visiting with old pals like Nick Apollonio, Kathy Westra, and Sally Rogers, as well as making some new ones like Magpie! Ann had a new homemade CD of original songs to share, and the hope of enticing folks to learn them for their own enjoyment and sharing. What could be better than having Ann's songs take wing, like children growing up and going out on their own. Several lovely performers said they'd love to sing and share Ann's songs. It was a fabulous day!!

Ann Mayo Muir Press Photo by C.G.Muir - October 9, 2010


Christina Muir & her Mt. Dulcimer on YouTube - May 29, 2010

Here's a new video my daughter made of a song I just adore!

Christina Muir sings a song she wrote entitled "Black Hole" and accompanies herself on mountain dulcimer. It's a song of exploration of that infinitely mysterious place inside that is both terrifying and brimming with possibility. This dulcimer, built at Folkcraft Instruments, has been altered with the addition of some frets to facilitate playing in some different keys. "Black Hole" is not yet recorded on CD but Christina's solo CD of original songs ~ "FEET FIRST" ~ can be sampled and purchased online at These days Christina can be found performing with the acoustic female harmony trio, Hot Soup! Check out their performance schedule and SOUPerb CDs at

Black Hole  ©1996 Christina Muir

I don’t know much about Black Holes
But there’s something about them I should know
The way they’re collapsed and blacker than night
The way that they hold it all in so tight
They’re denser than anything we can conceive
Hundreds of worlds that it has up its sleeve
With Suns and Moons and meteorites
What does a Black Hole do with all of that light
I wonder ‘bout these things I’ve heard
‘Cause they sound so familiar, I know it’s absurd
Like there’s one deep inside me, drawing me near
And what it intends is not entirely clear
It sounds like a voice almost lost in my past
It tell me it wants me so
It promises to hold me so tenderly
And never let me go
With Suns and Moons and meteorites
Who am I to put up a fight
As I approach it I feel so small
And I wonder how I could ever matter at all
To such a powerful invisible pull
Why does it want me, will I make it full
Could I live within its embrace
Could I come to know its face
Could I breathe without any space
Could I love without any trace of
Suns and Moons and meteorites
What does a Black Hole do….
With Suns and Moons and meteorites
What does a Black Hole do….
What does a Black Hole do….
What does a Black Hole do…. with all of that light

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