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Ann Mayo Muir: Song Singles

Mystery Bow

(Ann Mayo Muir)
© Ann Mayo Muir Music - for lyrics, click on song title.

watercolor by Christina Muir


Mystery Bow


I'm a mystery bow  looking for action. 

I can give you satisfaction, 

But I'm looking for the perfect mate to play 

The Scottish music in the Scottish way


I love this music ‘cause I love to hustle 

Down in the cracks with the gristle and the muscle

I love the lift, I love the drive 

Without it I just can't survive


I'm a smooth bow when I'm gliding 

I strut my stuff when I'm sliding 

Play with me and I'll tell it so 

Everything you ever wanted will show


Your reputation here is awfully high. 

Being who I am I thought I'd check out why. 

If one of you fits into my plans, 

I'll be giving up my one-night stands.


I'm a sweet bow, a one of a kind, 

I'll do the choosing if you don't mind. 

Come see me later darling, after the crush, 

I'll put you through some paces that will make you blush.


I'm your bow, strong and steady, 

Jump like a racehorse when you’re ready.

Drive me well and I'll let you hear 

Everything that you ever held dear.


In my motion  there's an ocean of pleasure. 

I've a notion, no other can measure up 

To the sound you'll draw with me. 

It's the highest quality.


I can read your mind, know your heart, 

Handle me well   and I'll do my part. 

I'll tell you everything you’re thinkin’, maybe more. 

Play with me and you'll know the score.


I'm your bow, supple and sassy. 

Folks who hear me say I'm classy. 

Upon my stroke you can depend. 

It's at your command from end to end.


I'm a storyteller. I'm a gossip monger. 

Your emotions feed my hunger.

Every little rumor, every murmer I've heard, 

Passes through me cause I spread the word. 


I can’t keep a secret, I kiss and tell. 

I weave them up in a musical spell.

Your slightest pressure and I will show 

The sweetest feelings that you'll ever know.


        I'll help you reach your highest goal.

        I'll be under your control. I keep the beat!--

        I make the sound!

        What would you do without me around?