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Ann Mayo Muir: Claude's Book

My sailor, adventurer and artist husband, Claude Graf, is now also a writer. For years we've been begging him to chronicle the stories of his amazing life. Finally in the spring of 2010 he began and a full blown autobiography has resulted, currently with the title, "Curiosity Is The Wind In My Sails." Here's one of the beloved stories he's included.


         STORY OF A RAT


A short story; three days without sleep that were to be remembered: it was the end of the season and we accompanied some Italian friends to a cave and tied up to a pier while the girls had gone shopping. We didn’t realize at the time, but a rat jumped onboard and a few days later, while at anchorage, we realized that the fruit that was left in the galley was chewed up and left for payment were some little black turds. No doubt we had a clandestine passenger onboard.

I took the dinghy and went to the village and bought two mousse traps, a piece of Gruyere cheese and some bacon. They were very nicely arranged with little drops of this and that leading to the counter. We set the traps and went to sleep.

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